Just Occurred…Evolution is a Misnomer


When I first moved to a condo on the Detroit river eight months ago, I was so excited about being able to take my pug, Bernie Mac, to the park directly behind the building.  It wasn’t long before I realized that while the building permits pets under twenty-five pounds, they are not very accommodating.  The rules state that the pet’s feet can never touch the building’s grounds.  Bernie is so humorous to me in so many ways and sometimes I think he knows it. Not long after moving to our present home,  I realized that his ability to make me laugh until tears roll down my cheeks, is a primary reason I can leave my comfortable abode, pile on layers and layers of clothing on cold winter mornings, or even colder winter evenings, stuff him into his carrier, and out to the street without complaint.

Twice each day, I lift Bernie (who has ballooned to 34 pounds) into his carrier and wheel him to a freight elevator, out of the building and to the back gate.  I lift him again to get him beyond the locked gate to the street behind the property.  By the time we get out, Bernie is so thrilled to be free of those constraints where he can run free to urinate wherever he chooses.  I can appreciate that since I can’t remember the last time I had to wait on someone else before I could relieve myself.  Once outside, we have a regular routine where he runs to the end of the leash, marks a few places and waits for me to ask, “Want to go to the Park?”

When we first moved here, we thought the beautiful park behind our building belonged to us.  I could let Bernie off his leash to run and explore the 10+ acres until he was out of breath.  I would run through the grass after him and watch as he lapped from the icy cold river.  But it wasn’t long before we realized that others knew of this lovely little not so secret haven and not only brought their dogs, but allowed them to use it with no sensibility of keeping it clean.  Once I witnessed a man with four dogs (one a Great Dane) using the park as their personal toilet without cleaning up after them and realized Bernie and I would have to make some adjustments. I’m glad Bernie doesn’t know that we are already in a park when I ask him that question, now.  Because if he knew, I would have to come up with a qualifier, like, park number two or, park at the other end of the block, or, park with the winding asphalt paths, or park with the children playing on the brightly painted swings, or, park where the fishermen gather, or park where the rabbits live under the low hanging fir bushes, etc.

Instead, he just makes his way from the park behind our condo down the hill into the street where we march, him out front, to the park at the opposite end of the block.  We joyously make our way past some of Detroit’s prime real estate; huge mansions with pillars and winding front driveways.  Some of the houses still host descendents of the richest, most powerful, industrialists of the Midwest.   Bernie wobbles with his head up high as if he belongs nowhere except here at this precise moment in time.  As we make our way, he marks the light posts that I permit ensuring that he never violates our neighbors’ beautiful old landscapes.  I normally walk behind Bernie because he can’t seem to get it through his head the proper order of things, even after graduating doggie kindergarten.

It Just Occurred to me that on this particular morning as I observed him walking to the park with his cute little wobble, totally oblivious to anything except the joy of being, I realized that humans lost something vital when we ‘evolved’ from instinctual creatures to the thinking (worrying), creative (destructive), independent (codependent) beings we have become.   I can walk Bernie before the sun rises or after it sets and he has absolutely no concept that we are walking down the streets of the nation’s most dangerous city.  Or, that the body of little Bianca Lily Jones – missing since her dad said she was abducted during a car-jacking, may be hidden among the crags along the Detroit river.  Or, that the perpetrators of any number of crimes that occurred the night before may be sitting in a car looking at the starlit sky above the river.   I, on the other hand, while not one to walk in fear either, am ever vigilant and aware of my surroundings and the creepy possibilities wrought by members of my evolved species.

When we approach the park, I hear the rabbits scurrying beneath the bushes, signaling to me, along with the robins playing feverish love games alongside black squirrels with red fluffy tails earnestly plumping their nests, that spring is neigh.  As we make our way along the winding, lushly landscaped path, we witness a majestic pheasant dragging a long tail feather behind, slowly making its way beyond the fence lining the park on the right.  When we turn parallel to the river, we notice a beautiful, sable-colored ball of fur with a long slender tail, intently chewing on something in the grass.  Bernie sees the ball of fur before me because I am enthralled by the seagulls who appear to float on air, all wings with tiny bodies and even tinier brains.  What must that be like, I marvel, to linger on the wind, mid air, to turn on a whim, with such beauty and grace toward any destination of their choice?  Gliding to Canada for a few hours, or the top of the bridge for a better view, along the rails of the doc, or on a park bench?  When Bernie stops in his tracks to observe the ball of fur, I notice it too initially thinking, “Wow, that color is beautiful, how many would it take to make a coat?”  I know, that is barbaric, but it is true.


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    . IT IS OBVIOUS THAT WE Humans are the predators in this equation of life, not only to we prey on the innocent unassuming furry cute creatures for their attractive skins , but we prey on each other as you reminded me of how SCARY our city can be and how BLESSED i feel to be living in the thralls of nature as i awake each day to swaying tress, quacking ducks, singing birds, flopping fish and chewing squirrels.. I am reminded daily to THINK ON THOSE THINGS THAT ARE GOOD ,KIND PURE .. AND SO I THINK ON GOD…Oh yes I too had a DOG that helped me see GOD even better … they have that ability too , you know? .. who else loves unconditionally? GOD AND your DOG !

  2. Jaune you took us on a short walk with you and your pug Bernie Mack , while clevery yet clearly demonstrating the process of evolution of the so call lower animals and their habitat and the so called evolved Homo-sapiens is not as dochotomized as one might care to believe.
    I use to think that folk should always treat and hold humans president over animals, but after reading this post and the many situations that exemplified evolution being a misnomer, I will have to rethink that one. Do be careful on your dog walks.

  3. Jaune I will agree, we the “evolved” species created this mess, and it is up to us to correct it. The signs of the time are upfront and personal! While walking the Mac man, you would think that a person could go over the accomplishments of yesterday and smile forward, toward the successes planned for the day. Of, course that would be a “misnomer”! Most values that I grew up with in 60’s. 70’s and early 80’s are archived in the time machine of the twentieth century! Values being the operative word: We, could sleep on the front porch on a hot summer day; We, could walk to the store and purchase candy without walking through young unemployed pants sagging men; We, could take a blanket, p&j sandwiches to the inner city park and associate the clouds in the sky with everything we had seen in our seven years of life; We, could have our dog walk with us and never, ever, never, ever, and I mean neverevernever, consider that it may be the last day of our life! So, it leaves me to wonder are decent moral values a thing of the past, or just a misnomer?

  4. Evolution…..truly a misnomer. We have re-volved, just like the planets re-volve around the sun, only when we came back around, we found ourselves caught up in the viscious circle/cycle of a society that is foreign to our very nature. We grow, but we re-volve to the ways of a people other than ourselves. Like cave people, we wear animal fur to keep us warm, and some of the clothes worn today are little more than loin cloths. The styles come and go, only to come back around. The only things that have not evolved are our moralls. We are re-volving in a place where our morals have been severely compromised.

    Side note: Having a problem evolving this thought, so I better quit while I’m ahead. 😉

  5. The outwardly evidence of….. self imposed bondage as a result of the inwardly insolence which is showing an aggressive lack of respect in speech or behavior for one self or ones kind in this instance .. brought about by an over indulgence of foods that are over processed and chemically treated to the point that it takes on mind altering and desensitizing effect on the species for which it is given ” MAD HUMAN DISEASE ” I will consume my own being . Willie Lynch who needs you he has done his job and Shackles are no longer required .. they would cost the master to much money Instead , let’s make money while implementing mental slavery .. make money on Food (Micky D’S , the clothes 400 dollar over sized jeans , the Music .. Lil Wayne and the like and let;s not for get the K2 marijuana ,,, cause its legal and taxable) …

    • Tecamo: Thank you for stopping by, and especially, for commenting. I think you said it all, and so eloquently! “Self imposed bondage”, “Inward insolence”….Love it!

    • Tecamo! Indeed the food source, or choice of foods that is consumed by our “self-shackled” young adults and children appear to be temporary and not permenant… Stay with me… As their exposure to fine dining (which is considered nutritrious) becomes apart of their daily regiment the idea of not using their hands to hold their pants up changes ie., JayZ , Brook Brothers suits, belts, Sean John – suspenders … Lil Wayne, shirt & tie . So, maybe just maybe , if gas station pizza, pink slime from McDonalds , mutated chicken from KFC were banned and real food replaced their choices the self imposed shackels would disappear… Maybe if our goveremt really gave a damn, k2 would not exist, maybe ENT cards could not be used in the same store that Liquor is purchased, maybe pink slime being used for human consumption it would be consider a crime against humankind … Maybe someone needs to “hit” the reset button!

      • Thank You Claudia, for stopping by and leaving a comment. I think you hit on some important factors that contribute to the less than healthy behavior of some of our young folk.

      • Like I said in an email i recently posted … Party over oops out of time .. maybe the reset button was hit when the time keeper himself was released I.J.S. just maybe

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