Just Occurred…Why Blogging Was Elusive


While I have spent most of my life engaged in some form of writing, even creating Web sites for myself and others, this is my first attempt at blogging.  After deciding that I have a reason to blog (to ensure that I write something, daily, just for me), I made a concerted effort to make it happen.  First, I decided to put all other obligations aside, including writing a report to a bank for a grant that was secured and spent; reading a fund raising proposal that I must report on by morning; emptying three cardboard boxes sitting next to my bed that I just can’t seem to get to; cleaning my kitchen that is just frustrating on so many levels; gathering my papers for tax purposes; finishing the monthly challenge from WetCanvas that I began three times and finally think it will result in something worth framing; ignoring my pug, Bernie Mac, who thinks he should be allowed to go out and play every time he sees one of his ‘friends’ playing outside and, finishing my collection of short stories and one of my novels (all of which I have been working on for over 10 years).

Next, I called a friend who has been blogging for a while and asked which is the best blogging software to use.  Once I settled on WordPress, I spent the last 6 hours exploring themes, designs and just what my blog will contain.  Still not sure about the design and purpose, but, with this as my test post, let the blogging begin!


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  1. I might just be your first poster/commenter. I don’t have much time to say a lot right now for I am bogged down with chores and responsibilties that I too have put aside to do none other but navigate and surf the web. I do look forward to posting with this blog site in the near future. Until the next time…happy bogging!

  2. I like. I’m not even sure I understand blogging, but I’m glad to see you writing for the sake of writing, and ill be following. We must be passionate about doing the things we love. Oh, I think you told me that! The other stuff can wait. 🙂

  3. You mentioned purpose. Communicating your thoughts and desires serves as a great reason for creating a blog. You told us a lot about your life in less than 500 words. Let Bernie Mac go out and play. He deserves to have a ball! LOL!


  4. Exicting that you will begin an unveiling of your heart to the world.

    It may be new, & long, but you know, there’s a saying that: the longest journey starts with a step.
    I applaud your stride.

    • Thank you Orikir. I so appreciate you taking your time to stop by and read. Not sure where I’m going with this, but I suspect the original purpose, to post creative content, has changed to a more commentary. But who know, I may switch it up from time to time.

  5. What a winter we had or didn’t have here in the “D”. Hey, I’m not gonna complain. We must’ve set a record for the least amount of snow that fell in Michigan in the past 100 yrs or so. Not sure, but the background pic reminds me of just that. Let the sun keep it’s light upon us. So far so Good 2012.

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